To help organizations to build trust and market leadership with their customers, we have developed a formula called the Brand Integrity Quotient.

Brand Integrity is the alignment between the customer’s expectations and how they actually experience you. Hawaii organizations that fulfill or exceed the expectations they set establish a benchmark of trust with their customers, and are more likely to become preferred.

The Customer Experience is comprised of a series of ‘touch points’ in their journey with you:

Proof Points: Experience that meets or exceeds expectations
Counter Points: Experience that contradicts expectations
Signature Points: Experience that is completely unique from the competition

Customer Expectations are set by these types of ‘touch points’ in their journey with you:

Visual: What they see (logo, environment, website, brochures, business cards, etc.)
Verbal: What you say (name, tagline, messaging, content on the website or in brochures)
Behavioral: How you act (staff & personnel, your services & how they are delivered, your reputation)