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Helping Businesses Grow Via Branding

bCause was recently featured in an article in the Entrepreneurs Column of the Midweek publication here in Hawaii. Robin Kumabe, the company’s Founder, had an opportunity to share with columnist, Christina O’Connor about bCause’s process of delivering intentional, impactful and inspirational customer experiences through ‘brand integrity’. You can read the entire article here.

Branding From the Inside, Out

Have you ever been enticed by the outside image of a brand, only to find out that it was just a facade? It’s like having a beautifully wrapped box with nothing inside. And traditionally, branding has been like that: ‘Focus on the image, what customer sees’. Yet, metaphorically, no matter how beautifully packaged the gift

Be The Change We Seek

bCause just became a ‘recertified’ B Corporation! After developing the framework for ‘Brand Integrity’ back in 2009, bCause was birthed with the desire to put a stake in the ground and live out ‘Brand Integrity’ on the inside. If we could ‘become the change we seek’ to support when doing work with our Clients, we

The Brand Integrity Effect

A study by Mercer Consulting demonstrates the measurable benefits of improving an organization’s Brand Integrity though integrated adjustments to Brand Strategy (Setting Expectations) and Corporate Strategy/ Operations (Experience Delivery). One of Brand Integrity’s central premises is that brand and business strategy must be aligned. Studies have shown that isolated improvements to business operations or to

Move Your Customers

A brand is what your customers believe about you. You can’t control what people think, but you can influence their behavior by delivering a consistent experience at every point of interaction that fulfills the expectations you set. It’s all about seeing things from the perspective of your stakeholders and acting with integrity. In order to